Long Term Disability

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What are Long Term Disability benefits?

Long Term Disability benefits are provided by an insurance company.  The policy can be individually purchased or given as an employee benefit.  The benefits provide income replacement for you if you become unable to work due to an illness or injury.

What type of evidence should I include in my Long Term Disability claim?

You want to provide evidence that proves you meet your policy’s definition of disabled. The evidence could include the following: 1) Medical records 2) Medical source statements 3) Statements from co-workers or supervisors 4) Vocational reports

What if my Long Term Disability is denied?

In the decision letter, it should state the appeal process.  Typically, you have 180 days to appeal the denial.  If your appeal is denied, you generally will have the option for a second appeal with the insurance company or to file a case in federal district court.

 Should I accept a settlement?

If an offer is given verbally, you should ask for the offer to be put into writing and insist upon sufficient time to decide.   Before making a decision, you should look at factors such as your medical prognosis, financial future, and tax consequences.  You should sit down with your attorney, financial advisor, and doctor before deciding.